Introducing World’s FIRST
Activity Based Curriculum (ABC) For Chess

5+ Learning levels, 150+ lessons and 2500+ activities

Introducing World's FIRST Activity Based Curriculum (ABC) For Chess

  • Explanation Activity:
    Explain the student about a concept or an activity
  • Capture Activity
    Helps beginner to learn basic concepts by capturing pieces
  • Puzzle Activity
    Helps students learn by solving tactics or key moves from a given position
  • MCQ Activity
    Learn by answering multiple choice questions
  • Play With Computer
    Helps students learn a concept by playing with the computer. Example – check with the rook (or) rook endings
  • Much More…
    More activities added every month!

Top Features – A Whole New Way Of Teaching & Learning Chess

LIVE Classroom:

LIVE Classroom

  • Every student can make moves in a group class
  • Inbuilt audio-video
  • Leaderboard with points


HCS Database

  • 1.6 Million Master Database with instant search
  • 5000+ preloaded puzzle database based on levels
  • Upload and create your own database in the cloud

Quiz & Assignment:

  • Use activity based teaching to create quiz for all levels of players
  • Create re-usable assignments and share with other coaches
  • Schedule the assignments upfront to individuals or groups

Play Games (Real-Time & Bot): 

  • Play casual games against each other
  • Play against chess bots with over 20+ levels
  • Play bughouse team games

Tournaments & Simuls:

HCS Chess Tournaments

  • Conduct swiss, quad and team tournaments
  • Play simul games against student


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