Villa Marie College Online Chess Championship 2020


 In-House Online Chess Championship – 2020

On 16th Dec 2020 at 04 PM IST.



Rules & Regulations: 

  • Only Villa Marie College for Women – Degree Students are allowed to take part in this event.
  • The tournament will be held in the swiss league format.
  • Time Control: 10 minute + 5 seconds  for each player.
  • Last Date of entry: 10th Dec 2020.
  • The tournament website is
  • Players who have LICHESS Id / USERNAME can only participate in this tournament.
  • Players should play all the rounds whether they win or lose.
  • Using the Chess Assistance/Chess Engines is prohibited, and we will check all the games.
  • All the games will be monitored by LICHESS Anti-Cheating Engines, Lichess Moderators and Organizers during the tournament.
  • If the player is found guilty, they will be blocked automatically by Lichess.
  • Please don’t chat in Lichess chatbox and keep mute all the time. If anyone texts anything in Chatbox their ID will be blocked for the tournament automatically without any notice.
  • During the games don’t leave the Lichess App/Website, and don’t open any window.• After each round completion, please click on “back to tournament” button only.
  • If you miss the tournament page, then click on the tournament link again to join back.
  • Your LiChess Username should be Active without a red mark from Lichess, to Get the Prize.
  • The Final winners list will be announced on 18th Dec 2020. (After checking all the games)
  • The Merit Certificates and Prizes will be given to the top 3 Players.

Join the Tournament:

To join the tournament you should follow the below procedure.

  • Every player must fill the Tournament Registration form.
  • if you don’t have LICHESS ID/USERNAME, open the tournament website:
  • And do Signup/Register
  • Complete the Signup or Register procedure by clicking the activation link from your mail.
  • Then Click this Link and Join the Villa Chess Tournament Team:
  • Then click on the join button to join as a member in the tournament, after that it will give a Mate in One Puzzle to solve (Click on the board to make your move, and prove you are human, This is a chess CAPTCHA )
  • After solving the chess Puzzle click on on ”JOIN TEAM” Button, then your join request will be reviewed by a team leader.
  • We will approve your entry soon after the verification of your form, within 12 hours.
  • After approval, please select your tournament. And click on Join button to join the tournament:
    Tournament Links:
  • That’s it, now you have joined the tournament!
  • Please check your name on the member’s list and tournament list separately.


Please fill the Registration form for the tournament entry approval:

Click this link to fill the registration form: Tournament Registration

For Emergency – Email:; WhatsApp: +91 92461 41111







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